Online Sources For Researchers

Dear Researchers,

In order to make researchs on Risale-i Nur and Said Nursi, we offer some links that would enable your acces to the content of the Risale-i Nur books and the views of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi online.

You may find the largest collection of the Risale-i Nur books in Turkish, English, Arabic, and Spanish with a limited online research machine.

On this web site you may find the collection of the Risale-i Nur books in Turkish and English and it enables word/phrase research. 

This web site is in Turkish and it enables word/phrase research.

This web site contains answers of various interesting questions by experts about the religion of Islam in the field of faith, fiqh, creation, human and many other categories. 

This web site gives the texts of the Risale-i Nur collection in English and allows the search of words and phrases.

This web site gives the texts of the Risale-i Nur collection in English related to a number of terms and concepts taking place in the Risale-i Nur.

Degipark’s web site hosts “Katre International Human Studies Journal” and its issues and articles published since 2016. The web site also hosts thousands of other academic journals published in Turkey and allows an advanced research in Turkish and English in terms of subject, date, search field items like Title, Keywords, Abstract, DOI, and Author Names and the download of the related research results.

The archive part of this official website of the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture also provides the opportunity to search for articles, papers, documents and media elements about Bediuzzaman and Said Nursi and Risale-i Nur works.

The Risale-i Nur resources and applications for mobile phones --> for Android --> For IPhone & IPad