Dear Symposium Applicant

Please download and fill in the Paper Abstract Template.doc according the rules written below, save it with your name (e.g.: nafiyalcinabstract.doc) and send it as a Word Document Attachment to the email address of the Symposium Secretary.


Symposium Secretary



Paper Abstract Template.doc



1. Paper abstract must contain between 250-350 words.

2. The abstract must clearly express the purpose, method/approach and main ideas/results of the paper.

3. What sort of innovation the paper brings to the field should also be stated in the abstract.

4. Write between 5 and 8 keywords for the paper.

5. The title of the paper should fully reflect the content of the paper.

6. The paper should not have been presented and published before.

7. The paper's subject must be related to the symposium’s central theme and its subtopics as announced.