Symposium Topics

12 th International Bediuzzaman Symposium

          2-3 october 2021, İstanbul/Turkey


1. The role of belief in individual life

  1. The role of belief in building personality
  2. Relationship between belief and practicing a religious life
  3. Relationship between belief and morality
  4. Relationship between belief and confidence
  5. Relationship between belief and freedom
  6. The role of belief in treatment of moral degeneration
  7. Worldly benefits of belief
  8. Modern psychological illnesses and the model life of a believer
  9. Modern man’s isolation and the ways of contacting with the Creator
  10. Modern man’s Isolation and brotherhood of believers
  11. Aging psychology and belief
  12. Patient psychology and belief
  13. Significance of belief in a child’s world
  14. Religious and moral education of young people
  15. Consolation provided by belief in the fate
  16. The role of belief in fight with crime and its causes
  17. Impacts of belief in the Hereafter on the behaviors of man
  18. A believer approach to death
  19. Disasters and belief
  20. Belief and happiness in both worlds
  21. Responsibilities and limitations imposed by belief on man​

2. The role of belief in social life

  1. The role of belief in building confidence
  2. The role of belief in maintaining social peace, justice and order
  3. Belief in the family life; mother and child
  4. Significance of family and kinship in Muslim communities
  5. Secularization and belief
  6. Building balance between the world and the hereafter
  7. Impact of belief in the hereafter on social life
  8. Rehabilitation of prisoners through morality and spiritual education
  9. Raising a balanced and devout generation against the challenges of the age
  10. Defense of the belief against the counter-belief ideologies of the modern age (e.g. atheism, deism, secularism, hedonism, etc.)
  11. Using media and social media in dealing with the problems of the age.​

3. The role of belief in building the culture of coexistence 

  1. Examples of the culture of coexistence throughout Islamic history
  2. Analyzing the impact of belief on civilizations.
  3. Direction and moderation versus extreme movements
  4. The role of belief in preventing violence and terrorism
  5. The significance of religion in the globalizing world
  6. The unifying effect of belief against all kinds of discriminations, polarization, and conflicts 
  7. The role of belief in building the socio-economic balance
  8. Common human values
  9. Belief and freedom
  10. Ethics of brotherhood and love in Islam​

4. The Risale-i Nur’s approach in introducing belief 

  1. The Risale-i Nur’s method of presenting belief to the modern man
  2. The ways of presenting belief from Hz. Muhammed’s time (pbuh) to this age.
  3. The time’s impact on tabligh and guidance
  4. Impacts of the Risale-i Nur on humans’ lives
  5. Education of belief


       1. Balance against human crises (Building balance in family, in the education of children, young people, elders, in politics, eceonomy and social life.

       2. Practising belief in the 21st century: The Case of Mehmet Fırıncı Abi


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